Hi, I'm Raghad Malallah, My Clients And My Friends Call Me OD, They Compliment Me As A Creative Graphic Designer With Innovative Ideas And A Unique Approach To Visuals.
I Am Originally From The Middle East, Iraq, Currently Living In The United States Of America; I Studied Graphic Design And Illustration At The Al- Balqa'a University Of Art And Design In Amman, Jordan 2007.
More Than Ten Years Of Experience In Developing Designs For Print Media And Advertising. I Have Solid Understanding Of Marketing Principles And Advertising Techniques. Great Attention To Detail And A Talent For Creating Memorable Visual Designs. Enthusiastic Team Player And Committed To Delivering Top Results On Time And Within The Budget. Passion For Keeping Clients Satisfied With Each Project.
Also, My Passion Is Photography, I Always Try To Find An Opportunity To Take Photos Of Everything Around Me. Especially Portraits Of The Face, I Found Millions Of Words In People's Faces And I Always Try To Translate It In The Photographs That I Captured. My Goal Is To Reach That Point When You Actually Can Hear What People Say By Just Looking At Their Photographs!