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Classhopper is an app that brings a better reading experience for children and an easier way for teachers to track and help their students. To support this app I was brought in to flesh out the brand and design the website.


Front End Coding, Branding, Visual Design


Classhopper let me know that they really like their logo and the color purple. Since this app has a main audience of children the colors used are bold and primary. Even though this app is being marketed to school districts it is important to show (even to adults) that this will connect with children and hold their attention.

Screenshot of the classhopper website

Design & front end coding

The site has a main goal of driving people to try out the service. The second function of the site is that it is the web portal beginning to the app. This is where teachers login when they want to check and update student progress from the web.

Notice on the home page how there are 3 places that draw your attention. The orange is not as heavy as the purple, because it is not the main CTA. It is important to note that the that there are two buttons on the main image. This was done because many people were directed to the site after receiving the mailer or talked to in person would just want to sign up. The how it works is meant for those who might come here without knowing much.

Classhopper wanted to be able to update basic content and this is why a content management system (Wordpress) was used for developing the site. The site is responsive as all sites today should be!

screenshot of homepage

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